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VETTAIYAADU VILAIYAADU (HUNT & PLAY) (2006 - Tamil) - A bold & engrossing investigative thriller but along with a usual, forced in romantic sub-plot. (Review By Bobby Sing)
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One doesn’t have many well made investigative thrillers talking about any psycho serial killer in Hindi cinema as the Mumbai film-makers are now mostly interested in the usual safe weekend movies only, fetching them some sure returns. However when one looks up to the South film industry then they do offer a wide range of films made on lesser adapted, difficult subjects. And VETTAIYAADU VILAIYAADU is surely one of those fine films written & directed by Gautham Menon featuring Kamal Hassan, Prakash Raj and Jyothika in the lead roles and music by Harris Jayaraj. A 2006 Tamil hit, the film was later dubbed as RAGHAVAN in Telugu and THE SMART HUNT in Hindi to reach a wider audience but I doubt many of the Hindi film viewers might have even heard of the dubbed version at all.

VETTAIYAADU VILAIYAADU begins with a focused vision wherein an efficient Police officer is called in to investigate a brutal rape and murder of the young daughter of his senior officer. The case remains unsolved but resurfaces again when both the officer and his wife are murdered in America and strangely a similar kind of rape & brutally killed victim is found in the States too declaring a mad serial killer operative in more than one country. Kamal Hassan as the officer in charge carries on his investigations abroad and the film becomes an engrossing watch from here on, with an exciting pace, brilliant camerawork and a pulsating background score along with some noteworthy performances.
Having said that there are few cinematic liberties taken in the script too like the way Kamal always senses the right spot of buried bodies like possessing any special sixth sense. And a deliberately added sub-plot of romance & songs, which though doesn’t disturb much but still takes away the focus from the main plot at regular intervals.
Interestingly, (as reported) the film went through many serious hiccups during its making, which might have resulted in a less impactful product, quite different from the actual vision of director Gautham Menon (as it seems). So he might have given a much better final version to the viewers if he could have made it as per his initial plans. Still in its present form the film does hold your attention well and presents a gripping chase of a maniac serial killer, successfully finding his victims beyond the limitation of any international borders. So if you love watching such intense murder mysteries having an exciting narration then do try VETTAIYAADU VILAIYAADU as your next flick and you will not be disappointed for sure.
Rating : 3.5 / 5
(Note : Was provided the info that the film had taken all its inspiration from the Japanese film NINGEN NO SHOMEI / PROOF OF THE MAN (1977), but I would hold my comment on the same till I see the foreign flick clearing my doubts.)

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