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KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ - A familiar, repetitive film saved by the fresh likable faces and their honest acts. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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Director Onir is known for his thoughtful, offbeat films having some surprise elements. But unfortunately he hasn’t delivered any outstanding, worth-watching project post the thought provoking I AM released in 2010. Though his latest venture is much better than his last forgettable SHAB released in 2017, still it’s not anything exceptionally great, surprisingly based on an overused, familiar theme that wasn’t really expected from the courageous director.

Keeping it pretty simple and sweet, this time Onir targets the younger generation for a change and adapts a clichéd, seen before plot, already exploited several times before in our Hindi films. To be specific, there is nothing new in the concept of two people falling in love without seeing each other (throughout the film), communicating through letters, phone-calls, e-mails and even lunchboxes? In fact the only new thing in KUCHH BHEEGE ALFAAZ is that Onir upgrades the medium of communication to the in-trend What App groups and messages and that’s it. 
So the relatable Whats App exchange is the only novelty offered in this repetitive love saga and praiseworthy performances from the entire likable cast is the only feature that honestly saves the film.
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